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Marzipan lives in the kingdom of Lunarlem where she works as a Knight, defending the castle and her girlfriend, the Princess Demlin, from enemies from Sorlen. One day, however, you find that someone from Sorlen has kidnapped your beloved while you were out patrolling! You have to try and save her before her kidnapper gives her to Sorlen, kills her..or does something far worse to her.

Demlin and Marzipan is a game made in Twine by Livia Langley (Sleepy Dreamer). The cover art and inspiration for this game was taken from the artist Scott King (who is peabug on Tumblr).

Since it's a Twine game, everything should work smoothly, but if you have any problems, please feel free to comment here or email me at livialangley@yahoo.com! I'd be more than happy to help you out.

I hope everyone enjoys playing this little game about a Knight and her girlfriend, the spirited Princess.


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does not load on internet explorer, so you just have to copy paste the web address into chrome or firefox.

unless you figured out how to make either of those the default, in which case, tell me how because i don't know how to do that ouo


You have to make either Chrome or Firefox into your default Browser. Go into your Browser's Settings (Accessed via Dropdown menu at the top right of the browser) and there should be an option to do just that. Doing so will make it so that downloaded links will open in that browser.